• Plug & Play footprint
  • Simplified serviceability
  • High speed with multiple control options

The Allen XL5000 Thermal Transfer Overprinter has been carefully designed to ensure a simplified and flexible user experience.  It provides quality performance on all types of packaging lines on a wide variety of different packaging substrates including bags, pillow packs, cartons, blister packs, sachets and envelope packs.

The Allen XL5000 features a small, compact size for maximum compatibility with popular frame sizes. The system is designed to be a drop-in-place printer, allowing most customers to save money by using existing frames and bracket systems – regardless of what type of TTO system they had previously.

Customers can pair the Allen XL5000 with both a PC and a controller for printer setting adjustments. Print messages can be transferred from the PC to the printer and users can conduct on-the-floor viewing and selecting.

Set up is simple with a:touchlite controller with integrated a:controllite software. Also offered, at no additional cost, is a:design software which provides maximum print message capabilities including barcodes, text, graphics, real-time and dynamic date coding. 

Maintenance is minimized by features such as the rugged, industrial-grade stainless steel a:touchlite controller and best-in-class printheads. The quick start design powers up the controller 30% faster than competing systems.

Users can also easily switch between intermittent and continuous print modes with a simple conversion kit.

For more information on the Allen Coding range of thermal transfer printers or any other coding and marking enquiries you may have, please contact Craig Beazley on 0448 624 117 or Enquire here.

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