• Sleeve and any label combination – one machine.
  • Tray and thermoform – one machine.
  • Full price/weigh and traceability solution.

Product labelling of trays may sound like an easy task, but giving the packaging formats used by the industry that’s far from the truth… until now… enter the Herma Sleeve & Label Combination Applicator.

Application and direct variable printing of wrap around sleeves and well as Top, Bottom and Top-Bottom combination labels is all managed by the purpose built Herma 652ES Labelling system. Trays including Rigid, Semi-Rigid and Thermoformed film based type products can all be labelled through the one system. This means manufacturers can set up combination lines and standardise on machinery.

HERMA 652ESUsing the Herma 400 Servo Driven label head the heart of every Herma labelling system, the Herma 652ES can apply labels or sleeves with unsurpassed accuracy and deliver a consistent labelling result every time with virtually no operator intervention. It’s a set and go system with label roll change the only touch point on the system.

Developed specifically for the Australian market the system is able to be coupled with Scale and Metal Detector so the sleeves and labels not only include the exact weight of each individual pack, they can include the retail price based on the pre-set price per kilo. The electronic weight functionality also results in the automatic rejection of packs outside of spec. So if a pack is under or over weight it is not output as production. This functionality is all controlled by on simple to use HMI and if required, connection to a manufacturers ERP software for automated population of product information.

The HERMA 652ES Meat Tray Label and Sleeve Applicator prints both barcodes and QR codes on the labels – ideal for traceability platforms like Result Groups IDlocate and multi-lingual labelling for export markets. A consumer in China can not only check if it’s an authentic Aussie product, but also see exactly which paddock their tasty steak came from……

On display at Foodpro on Result Stand C54, the Herma 652ES will be operational and able to be evaluated by any potential user.

For additional information please contact Michael Dossor, Director of Result Group on 0401 266 118.  [email protected]