Manufacturers of fast moving consumers goods are always looking for an edge, making sure it’s their product ending up in the supermarket trolley. Likewise an impulse purchase at a convenience outlet is usually driven by an immediate desire – thirst, taste or even personal or family reward.

Results’ expertise in pack functionality as well as on pack brands promotions delivers consumers the ability to use the pack and have the brand with them for the life of the product and offers the user something more than the product itself.

In a market where consumers are demanding on standards, give them your quality product, but don’t forget to make the experience pleasurable and also rewarding. Result also offer primary branding solutions, using labels or sleeves to bring a consumer to your product.

Traceability of a consumer good product is far more than simply a use by or best before date, carton and pallets also need solutions based on barcode technologies, were have it all covered in our Product Identification section.

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