Promotion & Pack Design

All consumer goods come in some form of pack – bottle, carton, bag or sachet to name but a few. Each packaging medium is branded and requires legislative information to be printed, so incorporating a unique entry mechanism during the printing process makes a lot of sense.

Take this type of solution and remove the need for additional capital investment, have it integrated into the process by extensively trained engineering personnel and have no change to equipment efficiencies or print quality – now that’s a solution worth evaluating.

Offer YOUR customers and THEIR consumers all the benefits of an interactive promotional campaign that won’t lower the bottom line of a manufacturing operation due to process change but increase it with additional volume of what you print or convert right NOW.

Results’ expertise in pack functionality as well as on pack promotions delivers consumers the ability to use the pack and have the brand with them for the life of the product and offers the user something more than the product itself.

Value Added Packaging