The Always-On Channel for the Always-On Consumer



The era of connected packaging is here. Engage with your consumers anytime, anywhere,
to build deeper, more valuable relationships. Deliver product transparency, context-
aware experiences and new DTC services, with a simple smartphone scan of your
products, and unlock game-changing insights into your audience in the process.








How it Works



Real-time insights to optimize the consumer experience


The scan – where, when, why did they engage
The consumer – who they are, and on what device
The product – which one, what channel and how was it fulfilled
The engagement – what information are they requesting, what are they telling you back.



Customer Case Studies


MOWI – Transparency and Provenance

Full item provenance and history from egg to store, for trust and transparency.

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Puma apparel pic
PUMA – Augmented Reality Experiences

Interactive in-store displays and product content to drive conversions.

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