• Zero Liner ….end of story.
  • Print on any press.
  • Eco friendly and then some.

HERMA is premiering a new linerless labelling system at both LabelExpo (Hall 5, Booth C14) and FachPack (Hall 3A, Booth 236).

The HERMA InNo-Liner system is the first practical solution of its kind worldwide that satisfies the cycle speeds and other requirements imposed by logistics and distribution centres. On top of that, the label stock is compatible with multi-colour pre-printing.

Although linerless applications already exist, their serious shortcomings have condemned them to a niche existence. These types of labels are sticky from the outset and wound on rolls, their surface often being siliconised and therefore incompatible with printing inks – and thermal printers can produce only black or single-colour lettering and images. Other systems, such as those that are activated by heat, suffer from inherent speed limitations.

In contrast, the HERMA InNo-Liner system, easily achieves and can exceed current cycle speeds of Print & Apply systems. Furthermore, if required, the labels can be pre-printed in colour.  The system is based on HERMA’s special multi-layer technology that involves a patented adhesive variant and a micro-atomiser developed specifically for the adhesive. Even though the paper materials are also wound on rolls, they are not sticky because the adhesive is not activated until later. Not until the label is dispensed does the micro-atomiser activate the adhesive by applying a precise dose of water.

Furthermore, the cost of disposing of liner is completely eliminated and the overall climate-relevant CO2 footprint of a linerless label is drastically reduced.

To find out more about HERMA’S InNo-Liner system visit the HERMA team and Result’s Michael Dossor at LabelExpo, Hall 5, Booth# C14.  Alternatively, contact Michael Dossor or Enquire here.