• HERMAsuperTack (63Vst): the world’s first resin-free adhesive for labels that require strong initial tack.
  • HERMAsuperPerm (63S): labels cannot be removed, ensuring tamper-evident packaging.
  • HERMAsuperPharma (63Mps): makes the labelling of cylindrical products with small diameters safer & more reliable.

Result Group and German self-adhesive specialist, HERMA, know how to handle challenges in labelling. And now, three new innovative products offer additional solutions for a wide range of industries, including pharmaceutical.

HERMA 63MpsHERMA 63Mps is a new multi-layer adhesive ideal for the labelling of delicate tubes, bottles and ampoules.

With HERMAsuperPerm (63S) labels cannot be removed without effect on product  – even from lacquered cardboard, plastics or steel – ensuring packaging has tamper-evident labels.

And HERMAsuperTack (63Vst) is a completely resin-free adhesive for labels that require extremely strong initial tack.

A key benefit of HERMAsuperTack is its low migration levels making it ideal for food labelling. Since adhesives owe most of their adhesive properties to resin, up until now it had been nearly impossible to dispense with it. But by applying a multi-layer technology, HERMA have been able to develop an adhesive that omits resin without any compromise on tack – even in cool, moist conditions.

hermasuperperm_2With the new HERMAsuperPerm (63S) even conventional label stocks ensure a first-opening visibility guarantee. Besides being extremely ageing-resistant, it is highly resistant against water, hot air and various solvents. With HERMA superPerm (63S) elaborate and costly special materials like self-destructive films, holograms, cellophane wraps are no longer required.

huhn_druckIn a manner that may well be unique in the world, HERMA’s new 63Mps adhesive combines the extreme (initial) tack required for such wrap-around applications with the optimal correction level regarding migration. With small diameters of 15 millimetres or less, huge restoring forces act upon the adhesive. As a result, labels can unintentionally peel off, stick together, or even fall off. Additional obstacles in pharmaceutical labelling are cool environments and the fast application of labels by means of high-speed systems. Excellent initial tack is therefore essential.

We’re excited about the introduction of these three great new HERMA products as they not only expand our portfolio of label material solutions, they offer highly effective, innovative solutions to a wide range of markets. Our label converting customers now have new innovations to share with their customers.

– Michael Dossor, Result Group GM

We encourage you to approach us with your labelling challenges. Because together with HERMA we’re sure there is a solution for you in our portfolio. Product enquiries to Michael Dossor on 03 9706 4474 or enquire here.