• Shrink your environmental footprint
  • Extensive range of sustainable labelling self-adhesive materials
  • Tick your sustainability box

Brand owners need to consider sustainable labelling materials for their packaging.  Even though a label may account for only a small portion of the overall packaging, it could in fact have a big impact.  Under the guiding principle “rethink”, HERMA has launched a pioneering sustainability strategy based on the pillars of responsibility, recycling, replace, reduction and renewal. Its ‘rethink’ portfolio of products has been developed to enable customers and brand owners to reach their sustainability targets and reduce, recycle and renew.

From wash-off adhesives, that leave clean PET or glass bottles that can be recovered – enabling a circular economy – to paper label material that is largely produced from grass to compostable label stock and PE film manufactured entirely from recycled material, the Herma ‘rethink’ range of sustainable label stock is very extensive.

Materials with recycled content –  HERMAnature fieno more effectively preserves resources and generates less CO2 than production operations using virgin fibre or  even recycled pulp.

Compostable label stock – HERMAextracoat and HERMAtherm Bio pave the way for fully biodegradable packaging, including the applied labels, without any impairment of labelling efficiency.

100% Recycled materials – Produced exclusively from recycled polyethylene, the HERMA label material rPE is thought to be the first of its kind intended to use in the manufacture of PE film labels.

Linerless materials – Among all the known linerless labelling concepts, the HERMA InNo-Liner  system is regarded as the first practicable solution of its kind. It peerlessly satisfies the picking pace and other requirements imposed by logistics and distribution centres. On top of that, the label stock is compatible  with multi-colour pre-printing.

Sustainably sourced materials – The compliance of HERMA’s adhesive material production practices with the strict FSC® requirements, achieving certification since 2012.

We know it may be difficult to identify the right label-stock for your needs but we’re only a phone call and mouse click away.  Call us on 03 9706 4474 or Contact us with your enquiries and we’d be more than happy to assist you to reduce your materials consumption and shrink your environmental footprint.


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