Print & Apply Systems

Panther 2000 / 2000e

print and applyThe Panther 2000 is designed to be the most rugged, feature-packed print and apply system in the industry.  This system was designed utilising the best “state-of-the-art” machine controller on the market. Panther have taken no short-cuts in achieving their design goal.

While other manufacturers utilise a sheetmetal box as the base for their system, the Panther 2000 print and apply system utilises an aircraft quality 1/2” thick aluminum plate as the back-bone for structural rigidity. If you look closely you can see that every step has been taken to ensure that the Panther 2000 is as strong as it’s name implies.

print and applyCustomers then presented Panther with a new challenge: “how to place labels on the tops of cartons with variances of 30 inches or more in the carton height?”.  Speed and accuracy were critical to meet customer’s demands. A pneumatic solution was not an option.

Panther decided a stepper/servo motor was the only way to achieve the speeds necessary while providing control over acceleration/deceleration, apply force, and complete control over stroke distance. This electric version of the already successful Panther 2000, would be called the Panther 2000e.  The Panther 2000e electric applicator is extremely FAST, in fact, it is approximately 3-4 times faster than a pneumatic system with the same stroke.

Panther P8 / P8e

print and applyEthernet Connectivity is not just a buzzword, it is here and now. Information technology is driving the way we work and live.  It is also providing the feedback of information that customers are demanding.

The goal with the Panther P8 print and apply system is to provide customers with the information that they need, anywhere in their plant.  In addition to that, they need a way to interface a labelling system directly with Allen-Bradley PLCs without wiring discrete I/O signals.

Panther achieves this goal by utilising Ethernet IP so you can plug the Panther P8 directly into your Allen-Bradley PLC network eliminating the need entirely for discrete signaling between your labelling system and your plant floor PLC.  The Panther P8 is designed to be the most rugged, feature-packed print and apply system in the industry.

One can only be “state-of-the-art” for so long without change.  Our new Panther P8e is built upon the strengths of our highly acclaimed P2000 architecture with the controls that ensure that our system is the leader in today’s market.

Panther Shadow

print and apply
The Panther Shadow is designed as an entry level system into “real-time” on demand print and apply labelling. The Shadow is the lowest cost print and apply system on the market. It is also the only low cost electric print and apply system in the world.

The Shadow allows the user to print and apply a label in an instant. Unlike “loose-loop” systems, the label printed on the Shadow is immediately available for application.  There are no labels queued up so the information on the label is accurate and real-time.  The Shadow is a great product for labeling in work cells. It is easily integrated with scale heads, barcode scanners, WMS and ERP systems. It is the easiest system to use with the built in Auto-Tamp feature. There are ZERO user adjustments outside of the printer settings.