Product Identification


Result Product Identification provides capital equipment suitable for labelling and sleeving, as well as coding & marking of products necessary for any form of traceability information.  No matter what the industry, we have a range of products that will help you with labelling, coding/marking, sleeving or feeding/inserting any form of product – from consumer goods to industrial products – in a single unit format as well as shippers & pallets.

Result Group represents a range of equipment suppliers all with one thing in common: the equipment is built for the application. And if we can’t find a machine for the task, we build it ourselves.

Which other machine supplier uses the equipment they sell in their own manufacturing business?  It’s a unique model, it’s not that we ever compete with our customers, just the opposite, we either contract process or rent machinery until the market is established and purchase is justified.

Machines we currently specialise in are listed below however as we spread our wings, develop new and exciting traceability projects, packaging features or promotional mechanics, rest assured we will have TESTED, PROVEN, RELIABLE and WELL SUPPORTED plant and equipment just for the job.[twocol_one