Security & Anti Counterfeit Printing

Traditionally a problem with high value fashion items, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals, counterfeiting of products from unregulated or unpoliced markets is more of threat today than it has ever been before.  Add this to the shopper’s demand to understand the true source of ingredients in order to deliver credibility and trust, every business now needs a Traceability or Anti-Counterfeiting solution.


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Our platform uses your source data and prints in real time on every unit of your product.  With one easy scan, consumers can verify authenticity, check product recall status, and learn more about your product and brand.

Imagine a world where every person, be it in a business environment or a consumer, could simply and easily at the touch of a button receive instant feedback that the product they have is genuine.  This is not science fiction, this is reality.

As a security measure, we don’t publish processes. We prefer to talk to you about the many options available to deliver a traceability solution for your business.

Now more than ever before your customers, and their consumers are demanding source ingredient and process traceability, RPA’s platform can deliver this and so much more.


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Let our team walk you through the process and show you how our anti-counterfeiting systems can protect your product, reputation and ultimately brand.

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