H400 Series Stand Alone

All HERMA label applicator machines utilise the tried and tested state of the art HERMA 400 servo driven applicator, many thousands of which are currently in service worldwide. This ensures that your labels are consistently applied with a very high degree of accuracy.

HERMA H400 Label Applicator

label applicatorThis uniquely compact label applicator has unparalleled versatility thanks to a well thought out modular construction system.  Thanks to the wide range of modules available the HERMA H400 can be integrated into any production line.  Or it can be built into a labelling machine which has been specifically developed to suit your individual requirements. A perfect solution for every problem.

Everything under control
For individually configuring your label applicator the clearly laid out display panel allows for convenient and simple adjustment to the operating parameters.

Perfect for the role
The special unwind unit keeps a constant web tension, thus avoiding tolerance problems at the dispensing beak. Both unwind and rewind units are built almost identically and provide the same reliability. Threading and tensioning the web is very user-friendly.

label applicator

HERMA H400 Rotary Label Applicator

High speeds, maximum precision and minimum space requirements, the HERMA 400 special version label applicator brings out the best in your rotary machines.  With its integrated control and compact design, it makes space for up to six labelling units per station.  Adjustable height and angle, automatic speed syncronisation and controls completed integrated in the machine, no separate control cabinet.

HERMA H400 VFFS / HFFS Label Applicator

The modular design of the HERMA 400 label applicator allows for very simple integration into most vertical or horizontal form fill & seal machines, whilst keeping to an absolute minimum the mounting space required.  The label applicatorpatented built in servo motor control system eliminates the need for an external control box & a host of cumber some interconnecting cables. Hence the applicator looks like an integral part of the system and not a “bolt on extra”Full motion control allows the speed of the labeller to be precisely matched to the speed of the film.


label applicatorHERMA H400 Reseal Label Applicator

The integrated Servo controller eliminates the need for an additional control box and the electronic outputs drive the punching unit so control between the self adhesive valve and punching unit is synchronised.

label applicator
HERMA H400 Laser Label Applicator

This coding system for laser-activatable labels is the perfect solution for any business looking for a reduction in production cost and an increase in process reliability.  It ensures reliable operation with minimum maintenance and reduces routine servicing time to almost zero with no system downtime for ribbon breaks or changeovers. It can be integrated into any production line and offers network integration with camera systems for a complete traceability.


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