Label Reseal Packaging

Whether it be at our plant as a material converting process or fitted directly onto your flow wrapper, resealable product packaging is not complicated – it’s simply a matter of having experience in the field.  Result Group’s team of professionals have just that – experience of over 20 years in developing reseal and reclose product packaging systems.

The solution is broken into two parts.Product packaging

The first being materials, with the selection of the correct adhesives and label face stocks paramount to the success of a functional device and in turn consumer acceptance.

Second is the equipment, and the question of adaptability either into existing processes and production machinery or as a raw material supply with the reseal label system already part of the roll of film.

Product packaging

Like everything there are pro’s and con’s, but when we understand a customer’s needs they can be very quickly addressed and an appropriate product packaging solution formulated.  Over 90 products in Australia and New Zealand have benefited from our expertise in this area and the many years of experience that comes with it.

Our label reseal product packaging options are: