Smilesys – Resealable Packaging

Result Group offers a range of  perfectly resealable films, suitable for all kinds of food packaging. The Smile system runs perfectly on the most common machines for industrial packaging. It is therefore suitable for vertical machines, flowpack and to any kind of tray, both preformed or thermoformed. Several film typologies and compositions are suited for the application of  labels, from basic mono-films to laminated films in PET, PE or BOPP.

Smile 2LITE® 

The brand new resealable system any kind of tray.

The new patented system “Smile 2Lite” is designed  to optimize space and make your pack truly eco-friendly. The product constist of re-sealable film supplied in rolls which, when compared to the standard flow wraps or solutions with lid, provides a significant  reduction of plastic consumption. There is also a reduction in the volume of the raw material used for the finished product, leading to a substantial improvement of the logistics flow in general.


  • Heat-sealable on paper, pulp and plastics        Smilesys resealable packaging
  • Tamper seal
  • Increased storage life
  • Customizable print on film
  • Enhanced consumer experience
  • Improved functionality
  • Facilitates recycling
  • No extra set-ups
  • Transport optimisation
  • Ready-made in rolls

Below are just some of the resealable packaging solutions we have on offer….and if we don’t have it, we’ll develop one to suit your product and consumers’ needs.

Resealable packaging options for food





sustainOur company is focused on the theme of eco-sustainability and together with our partners, we stand out for our solutions’ eco-friendly footprint. Our resealable film lids reclose up to 25 times, thus avoiding needless food waste. Our know-how in the field of fresh products through perforation and accurate selection of materials contributes to products’ improved shelf-life. By using Smile 2Lite as top film it is possible to reduce the consumption of plastics and other waste materials by up to 20% compared to the average solutions on the market.