Tape Reseal Packaging


Sealstrip Corporation has an intriguing history of developing new ideas for easy opening and reseal packaging. Some of these ideas have revolutionised convenience packaging and have often been ahead of their time in the marketplace.

Sealstrip’s roots began with Formatron, founded in 1959.  Intrigued by the new shrinkable film introduced by DuPont, they built and patented the first Automatic L-Sealer for shrink packaging.  In the late 1960′s, in response to customer requests for an easy open system for shrink packaging, they invented Shrink-String.  Shrink-String was applied around the product, on the inside of the shrink film, by a Shrink-String applicator and provided an easy open for shrink packaging.

Mission_Food_WrapsIn 1979, Sealstrip Corporation was formed.  Two companies, Tearstrip Systems and Sealstrip, worked together answering consumer demands for easier reseal packaging.  They focused on the use of pressure sensitive tapes and reseal applications, and converting equipment, to create convenience features for flexible packaging.

The tape reseal packaging range now includes a number of products that can be grouped as either: